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May 6, 2013

OMGWTFBBQ - I haz a story for LHNB.

So yes, I submitted my Love Has No Boundaries story last week (a whole two weeks early). Yayzerbeams! I'll keep y'all apprised of the date that it'll be posted to the group.

As a treat for the folks who actually check out my blog, I'm posting a blurb-y type thing right now. :)

Warning: I kind of suck at blurb writing, but I tried. >_< And it's right here:
When Aidan logs onto the Internet one night during winter break, he hardly expects to meet tall, dark, and handsome Jake - let alone discover over the course of their chats and emails that Jake may actually be...well...pretty much perfect.  However, with Jake studying abroad 8,000 miles away, Aidan soon finds himself struggling with the intense feelings that he's developed for a man he's never actually met.
With an ocean between them and all of the doubts and questions that come with the distance, will their relationship ever find wings?  And when they finally meet in person, can their online romance become an IRL happily ever after?
Stay tuned for more tidbits on the story, including the date when it'll be available and the official cover. The cover is pretty simple, but the picture is perfect for one of the scenes in the story. I'll also post a sneak peek excerpt soon. :)

Thanks for reading!

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