WIPs & Coming Soon

Coming Soon
  • Where There's Smoke has been accepted by Dreamspinner Press for inclusion in this summer's Daily Dose! The story will be available as a standalone short novella when Dreamspinner Press releases a series of stories under this year's theme Never Too Late, which will feature men over 40. Where There's Smoke features a middle-aged medieval studies professor and his neighbor, a distinguished and handsome fireman. More information comingn soon for this June release!
  • The Frat Brat is a freebie short story that will be part of this summer's Don't Read in the Closet writing event with the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. This shortie is pretty much all smuff--that is, smutty fluff--and features secret crushes, gay for you, and frat boys. More information soon on the release date!

WIPs a.k.a. Works In Progress
  • It's not every day you have a dream about a baker and a stripper finding their HEA, so of course, when I had said dream, I found it imperative to start scribbling. It's in the outlining stage, but it's coming together quite nicely. *grins*
  • Two words: haaaate sex! Okay, the expanded explanation: Just plotted out a hate sex-filled enemies-to-lovers workplace romance. Already wrote a couple of scenes in the middle.  Writing in chunks is totally NOT my usual style, but yeah...when inspiration strikes, it strikes hard. heh heh. Hard. :D
  • A sequel to He's Just Knot That Into You has also been percolating with the plot bunnies. 2.5 sequels, in fact. One involves a human member of the wolf pack whose next home renovation project unknowingly brings him into the path of an alpha werewolf. The others...well, I'm still marinating on them!