WIPs & Coming Soon

Coming Soon
  • Update! He's Just Knot That Into You has been accepted by Dreamspinner Press for publication. Keep an eye out for this lighthearted werewolf story in the new year! I'm so excited for you all to meet these boys. ^__^
Previously: A werewolf has taken over my writing life, and I couldn't be happier! Immediately after finishing Punch-Drunk Love, I began writing a ridiculous story about a werewolf who goes on a series of incredibly bad dates in his search for his mate. These dates are all set up by his fearless and quite attractive new assistant. ;) Anyway, there's more to it than that, obviously, but it's definitely werewolf fluff, not doom and gloom paranormal, and I'm having a blast writing it.

WIPs a.k.a. Works In Progress
  • It's not every day you have a dream about a baker and a stripper finding their HEA, so of course, when I had said dream, I found it imperative to start scribbling. It's in the outlining stage, but it's coming together quite nicely. *grins*
  • Two words: haaaate sex! Okay, the expanded explanation: Just plotted out a hate sex-filled enemies-to-lovers workplace romance. Already wrote a couple of scenes in the middle.  Writing in chunks is totally NOT my usual style, but yeah...when inspiration strikes, it strikes hard. heh heh. Hard. :D
  • A sequel to He's Just Knot That Into You has also been percolating with the plot bunnies. 2.5 sequels, in fact. One involves a human member of the wolf pack whose next home renovation project unknowingly brings him into the path of an alpha werewolf. The others...well, I'm still marinating on them!