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May 26, 2016


Hey folks! In case it isn't embarrassingly obvious by now, I suck at blogging. BIG TIME. *hides* So I of course didn't say anything about moving house to a new location like....almost a year ago. *hides*

You can find my updated website at It's spiffy! And cool! And I've been keeping it up to date!

I also have realized I suck at blogging. Like really suck at it. So rather than figuring out how to blog on the new website, I think I'll be setting up an email newsletter instead. If you want to take a peek at that new site, you'll soon see a newsletter signup section, as well. I promise to keep that one a little more updated. Maybe like...even quarterly! Wow! ;)

Anyway, this blog isn't gonna be a priority any longer, so while I'll keep it in existence in case anyone happens upon it, please note that any new information, books, and freebies will be updated on my website at 

So come on over and check it out!

Nico ♥

July 24, 2015

Quickie Post - quick like lightning! ;)

Hi, folks! I realized it's been ages since I updated, so I thought I'd pop in with a quickie update. Of course, midnight is totally the best time for me to be doing this update. Of course. I'm hopeless. *smh*

Writing-wise, I'm working on a Super Secret Shenanigans project. If all goes as planned, it'll be super fun, sweet, smutty, and awesome--and you'll have my new story in October. *grins*

Related to that, I wanted to mention October...and...GRL! Are any of you going to Gay Rom Lit in San Diego? If you are, please do say hi! I swear I'm not scary and won't bite (except maybe to nibble on my lower lip and bat my eyelashes coyly if you're into that kind of thing, y'know, yeah?). *winks* Anyway, I'll be there with some doodads and stuff, so stop by my table during *gulps* supporting author time, grab doodads, and say hi! And also stop me if you want to chat or if you want to hang out or get up to shenanigans!

Once I finish my Super Secret Shenanigans WIP (which will hopefully be done within the next week), my next HUGE project is migrating my blog/site over to another host. The big news there is my site will have a new feed! So if you're subscribed via RSS or email, first of all, THANK YOU! I <3 you guys so much! And second of all, you'll have to resubscribe once I have the new site up and running. I'm so so sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm gonna do my damnedest to make sure the new site is 1000% prettier!

Anyway, that's it for now. A quickie update and a hello! I hope your summers are going smashingly well!

Nico ♥

June 27, 2015

It's a beautiful day!

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality yesterday, and it is an awesome start to a wonderful weekend! *sprinkles rainbows and glitter everywhere*

In honor of the historic ruling and San Francisco's Pride weekend, here's a coupon code to download A Time for Loving for FREE on Smashwords this weekend. :D Because a free story with an HEA feels like a great way to celebrate so many same sex couples getting their HEAs this week!

Coupon: EM49P
Expires: June 29, 2015

I also have another freebie that's available. The Frat Brat came out earlier this month, and I've finally uploaded it to various sites for downloads, too.

You can pick up your own copy of The Frat Brat here:

Hope you all enjoy the freebies! If you do, drop me a review if you get a chance. ^__^

Also, squishy hugs and thank yous to everyone who has read Where There's Smoke. Thank you for the kind words and wonderful reviews! You inspire me to keep putting pen to paper (or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard!).

Happy reading and happy Pride, everyone!

Nico ♥

June 11, 2015

Freebie Alert!

It's been a busy busy week or two! Just popping in to say my freebie story, The Frat Brat, is available right now from the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. :D Woop woop!

In fact, the downloadable files went live today, so swing by the M/M Romance Group's website to pick up your FREE ebook copy here:

If you'd rather wait for it on Amazon or Smashwords, I'll be loading it up there, too....eventually. :)

This story is pretty much PWP. Actually, as I told my buddy Piper Vaughn, it's PWTP (porn with tiny plot). *shameless grin* It's about a frat brother...and his fellow frat brother...and a lost bet that leads to some scandalous sexytimes. Here's the super duper rough sketch of a blurb:

Kyle Fenton's nickname around his fraternity may as well be "Shameless Flirt." Out and proud to his frat, he's more than happy to live up to that reputation, especially when new frat brother Daisuke "Dice" Keto moves in. However, Dice's reaction to Kyle's antics is cryptic at best, and it'll take a lost bet--and a sexy rendezvous with a "Secret Admirer"--to clarify the situation.

Anyway, that's the scoop!

In Where There's Smoke news, there's a massive sale at Dreamspinner Press. Everything is 30% off! Like whoa! If you haven't checked it out, then you can grab a copy of Smoke at a 30% discount right now:

Finally, I'm thrilled to share that Smoke is up for "Book of the Week" over at Love Bytes Reviews: Honestly, I'm truly honored simply to be nominated. Thanks, Love Bytes! And a double thanks for the awesomely hilarious review. :D

I'm incredibly grateful to everyone for the kind words and the awesome reception for Where There's Smoke. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This story is my super smuffy baby, and David is my boo. It warms my gooey center to know that people are loving David and Zach.

May 31, 2015

"Where There's Smoke" is HERE!

Dreamspinner Press's 2015 Daily Dose "Never Too Late" package is LIVE. I'm thrilled to report that my contribution to the package, Where There's Smoke is now available for purchase on Dreamspinner Press's site. Woop woop!

You said you wanted a kit-kat to play a starring role? You said you wanted a dorky medieval studies professor? You said you wanted a hottie good Samaritan firefighter? You said you wanted them to be neighbors?


Where There's Smoke is a novella-length story featuring all that and more! It's chock full of good feels, good folks, and good sexytimes (if I do say so myself). ;)

This story has smuff galore, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

If you've already signed up and bought the Daily Dose package, then this story will magically appear for your reading pleasure some time in June! If you haven't, though, and you'd like to read all about Professor Waterman as he tries to tell himself he doesn't need a man in his life--namely, Mr. Zach Ford, neighborhood hero, then grab the ebook as an individual title. =)

You can pick up your copy of Where There's Smoke at Dreamspinner Press's website here:

I also have a bit of personal news to relate!

See that kit-kat cover?

Well, here's a kit-kat of my own!

This is Rudy Diego, whom I adopted earlier this month. He is pawesome. :D His name is Rudy (short for Rodolfo) because he looked like a Rudy.... His middle name is Diego because he was an intrepid explorer when I brought him home from the shelter. Diego is Dora the Explorer's friend, for those of you wondering. He also has a lucky toe (like Nemo's lucky fin) if you look closely at the paw on the lefthand side. One pink toe in a sea of dark paw pads!

A week from today, it'll be a year since Nico-kitteh passed away of cancer. Honestly, going through Nico-kitteh's illness and death broke my heart, and it's taken me a while to recover. Finally, though, I'm ready for another kitty in my life, and Rudy is a sweetie who captured my heart when I visited the shelter.

Anyway, kit-kat news galore! :)

I hope you all are doing fabulously well and that your own kit-kats or other furbabies are enjoying the spring. Happy June, folks!

Nico ♥

April 27, 2015

I have a cover for my freebie story, "The Frat Brat."

Um....see the title of this post. :D It's a cover, and it's scandalous!

I can't really go wrong with a shirtless dude, right? The Frat Brat is my freebie story that's coming out this summer through the Don't Read in the Closet event on Goodreads. Once it's available, I'll be posting information on where to read it, plus (eventually!) I'll make it available on Amazon and the other usual suspects.

Here's the cover:

So....shirtless dude FTW, right?? The Frat Brat is a short story full of innuendo, teasing, and uhhh...porny stuff. As a sneak peek, here's a look at the tags I sent the event organizers. Literally, this is how the story will be presented:
Tags: college, fraternity, gay for you, first time, secret crush, Asian, teasing, blindfold, porntastic, fluff
Wahoo! Basically, porntastic and fluff mean this story is pure smuff! Per my usual, y'know. ;)

Also coming soon is the cover for my short novella Where There's Smoke, which will be available from Dreamspinner Press in June! The story will feature a medieval studies professor and his fireman they get to be verrrrry friendly and neighborly with each other.

Otherwise, not much going on in my neck of the woods. I have an idea percolating for a yeti shifter (probably a holiday-themed story!), but what I really need to do is get focused on my HJKTIY sequel. But if the yeti shifter just won't stop yeti-ing into my ear, I just might have to take his hand and let him lead me into those woods.

Hope you're all doing well and reading lots of fun stuff!

April 14, 2015

An Assembly of Informational Things

I love Haribo Roulette candy!

Okay, that's not quite what I was planning on sharing in this mishmash of information, but it's a start. =)

It's been almost a month since He's Just Knot That Into You was released, and I am just SO excited and grateful for the reception. Thank you to all of you for your support and for checking out the book! You've made these last few weeks a wild and awesome ride. :)

During that time, I did a small tour and visited a handful of blogs with tidbits about the story. I figured now might be a good time to list 'em out in case you were curious and wanted to read more about Tanner, Jon, and the shenanigans they get up to in HJKTIY.

Prism Book Alliance - An Interview with Nico Jaye
Sinfully...Addicted to All Male Romance - An Interview with Alpha Tanner Davis
M/M Good Book Reviews - Jon and His Sweet Tooth
Because Two Men Are Better Than One - Bowties, Button-downs & Other First Impressions
The Blogger Girls - A Word on Setting: Chicago and Wisconsin
Rainbow Gold Reviews - An Interview with Nico Jaye (Part Deux!)
Joyfully Jay - An Exclusive Excerpt: Bad Dates & Other Disasters

If you're curious about the story and want to know more, then check out the links! And if you've already read the story and are here to say hi, firstly: HI! :D, secondly: thank you for reading the story!, and thirdly: you can learn a little more about the HJKTIY boys and background with those links if you're at all curious. :)

Anyway, that's that!

Separately and as an update, the edits for Where There's Smoke are well under way, so I'll post more info on that story closer to June's Daily Dose date. As a recap, Dreamspinner Press's Daily Dose this year will feature men over 40. I'm super excited for you guys to meet David and Zach because I had a fantastic time writing about them. ^__^ In the meanwhile, here's the blurb!

If he can make room in his life and his heart, an isolated medieval history professor might find a real life knight in shining armor.
A terrible breakup in his twenties left David shying away from relationships. For years he’s been content with his solitary life, finding fulfillment in his career, books, television show marathons, and his cat’s companionship. When David meets his neighbor Zach, he can’t tell if Zach is just being friendly or if the handsome fireman might actually be interested in him. The more time they spend together, though, the more David questions his resolution to remain single. If Zach can extinguish the flames left by David's past, David might finally break away from his structured life and take a chance on love.

Aaaaaand, last, but certainly not least, an update on that frat story I mentioned signing up to write for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's Don't Read in the Closet event. It's done! Yes, done! *blows noisemakers* The Frat Brat is a cute little short story that's equal parts porny and fluffy. In other words, it's my trademark smuff. ;) I hope you all like it! It'll be a freebie this summer, and I'll let you know when it's available.

That's it for now for me. Any news on your end? ♥