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November 15, 2012

Three Things for Thursday, 11/15/12

Hi folks! So I made it. Yay! It's Thursday, and I am totally on top of this blogging-once-a-week shite. Ohhhh yeahhhhhh. ;) Here are my three things for Thursday:

1) Being an adult. As a single gal who lives with a furry feline roommate, I'm usually pretty lazy when it comes to meals. Popcorn for dinner? Ice cream and an apple? Cheese and crackers? Yup, I've had them all. This week, though, I decided to make strides towards being an adult when it comes to eating, and that has resulted in...*drumroll, please...* for myself.

Cooking for Myself, Attempt Number One
As a bit of a perfectionist, I'm a fan of baking. Measuring stuff, making sure the oven temp is right, mixing stuff together with precision - all of these things are awesome. In an attempt to step outside of my comfort zone, though, I decided to cook last night...sans recipe. *gasp* So I whipped up this quinoa dish and tossed in some veggies and toasted almonds, actually tasted good! Color me surprised! So that was my first step towards being an adult and cooking "real" meals for myself.

2) Volunteering for Sandy. Earlier this week I volunteered with Occupy Sandy out in Brooklyn and the Far Rockaways. My muscles might have been aching the next day, but bagging up canned goods and lugging gallons of water made me feel like I did a little bit to help. It's been over two weeks since Superstorm Sandy hit the area, but there are still many people without power and in need. Please consider volunteering your time and/or donating supplies for this relief effort. If you're not in the area, you can also help by donating to the American Red Cross, giving blood, or sending goods to Occupy Sandy through the Occupy Sandy Wedding Registry on Amazon.

3) Corduroys are awesome.  It's the season for warmer autumn clothing, and that means corduroys! I bought some skinny-ribbed, skinny-cut colored corduroys from Old Navy, and I love them. That is all.

That's it for me this Thursday. How's everything in your neck o' the woods?

Eating healthily while sorting cans in her "saucy red" corduroys,

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