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January 17, 2013

3T, 01/17/12 - Crazypants update edition!

Brought to you by the letter "T" this week! Okay, so it's been a while since I did a 3T, but I noticed I was slacking on my posting and wanted to do an update on that crazy thing called life.

Yay, life!

So I was in a kinda winter-induced funk that may also have been influenced by Nico withdrawal. I know, I know, it's kinda sad that I'm so co-dependent. Poor baby is back in San Francisco, and I'm here, Nico-less.  I was dealing, okay? :)  Anyway, I was kinda hibernating in my apartment, sleeping in late and being fairly unproductive.  Finally, this past week I kind of picked myself up by my bootstraps (is that the right idiom??) and got with the program.

1) T is for Time: So I realized I'm running out of time here in NYC. Yikes! That's kind of crazy! I need to do my NYC stuff, so I was monitoring the tickets line for the Jimmy Fallon late night show.  (I love Jimmy Fallon.)  Finally, they had an announcement that they had tix available. Yay! After setting my alarm to wake up at a decent hour (9AM), I called and scored tickets for a taping next month. Awesome!  

Also, I realized I'm running out of time to study for the California bar exam.  Yikes! Legitimate yikes, I mean. As in...time to get on that, girl! As an explanation, even though I don't necessarily think I want to practice law in California, I want to have that option just in case.  Also, I was a lawyer for six years and went to law school for three years, so just completely throwing that out the window feels a little foolish.  I signed up for the February bar exam, and I started studying this week with the books I'd acquired for that purpose.  Let's hope things go well. 

2) T is for Tomas: Yes, Tomas.  Heh heh.  I finished my story last week, and I'm psyched! It's about a swimmer named Tomas who tries to figure out how to woo Derek, his (temporary) massage therapist.  Problem?  Tomas isn't quite that romantic and definitely isn't that good at communicating his intent, so how can he be sure if Derek is even getting the picture? I'm submitting it soon. Cross your fingers and toes that good things are coming for Tomas and Derek!

3)  T is for Turkey:  As in...the country.  As in...I booked a trip to Turkey because I'm crazy like that.  Specifically, I'll be going to Turkey, visiting Istanbul and possibly taking an intra-Turkey flight to stay in a cave hotel, for a week or so, after which I'll depart on a Turkish yacht to cruise around and check out the Mediterranean islands.  I love to travel (seriously love it), and I budgeted some serious travel money into my VU plan.  This is my first big trip with that money, and I'm psyched! Turkey looks like an amazing place rich with history and cultural opportunities.  :D

That's what's new with me. What's new with you guys?  Any WIPs or vacations coming up for you?

Pumped that she kicked her funk,

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