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August 26, 2014

Super exciting news!

I just returned from Paris, which was lovely and amazing, and I arrive bearing exciting news beyond simply having returned from Paris.

Yes, that's a red wolf, and YES, I signed a contract last week with Dreamspinner Press for my werewolf novella, He's Just Knot That Into You.

I am crazy excited about this, y'all!

I'm planning to write more in this universe, so this is hopefully just the first in a series of werewolf-y announcements. *crosses fingers* Regardless, I'm so freaking psyched that Tanner and Jon have found a home with DSP. I can't wait to work with their amazing team and bring this smuffy lycan story to you. Look for more information in the coming months ahead!

On another book-related note, I'm preparing Punch-Drunk Love for publication on Amazon and Smashwords. It's on Amazon right now as a cheapie, but I'll be loading it up to Smashwords as a freebie once I finish formatting the file. Hopefully Amazon will price-match eventually. In the meanwhile, you can still find the downloadable files at the M/M Romance Group's website here.

Paris was a great period of relaxation and escape. I'll do another Paris post later, but suffice to say it helped with my being so down lately. It wasn't a cure-all or anything, but it helped.

Hope you all are doing awesomely well, and allow me to squee just once more about He's Just Knot That Into You: Squee!

Wolfy kisses and nuzzles,