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May 26, 2016


Hey folks! In case it isn't embarrassingly obvious by now, I suck at blogging. BIG TIME. *hides* So I of course didn't say anything about moving house to a new location like....almost a year ago. *hides*

You can find my updated website at It's spiffy! And cool! And I've been keeping it up to date!

I also have realized I suck at blogging. Like really suck at it. So rather than figuring out how to blog on the new website, I think I'll be setting up an email newsletter instead. If you want to take a peek at that new site, you'll soon see a newsletter signup section, as well. I promise to keep that one a little more updated. Maybe like...even quarterly! Wow! ;)

Anyway, this blog isn't gonna be a priority any longer, so while I'll keep it in existence in case anyone happens upon it, please note that any new information, books, and freebies will be updated on my website at 

So come on over and check it out!

Nico ♥

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