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July 22, 2012

An exciting day!

Today was a day of excitement and awesomeness. Seriously!

Biggest news: My story will be published. (!!!) Read on for more cool stuff...

In no particular order (in part because I'm too psyched right now to put things into an order):

- Saw the Batman movie this morning. It was pretty spectacular and even had a little romantic element, too. Of course, being the romance reader that I am, I wanted the romance to be more developed, but hey, a girl can only dream, right?

 - My improv class graduation show was today.  On stage.  No script.  Completely improvised.  Yup, pretty much everything that would normally cause me to go into heart palpitations.  Surprisingly, I think it went...fairly well.  I know, it's a shocker.  I originally took these classes in an attempt to overcome my serious control freak tendencies.  Sort of a "getting over a fear of heights by standing at the top of a mountain" kind of thing. The interesting part is...I found that I kind of liked it.

- Okay, I guess this would actually go first if I were putting things in order. There's no lead in, so I'm just gonna say it: MY STORY WAS ACCEPTED TODAY! Yay!!! I just found out (literally, like thirty minutes ago) that Into the Deep will be published in Going for Goldthe Olympics-themed anthology to which I submitted it recently for consideration.  I'm really excited. I had a blast writing about those boys, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to share them with everyone. I don't know any of the details yet, but I'll definitely keep you all posted on when it's coming out (pun totally intended again, heh!).

Okay, that's a wrap on my end.  Gonna ride this high for a while and try to get more of my Man-to-Man Coverage: Extra Point writing done before I have to get crackin' with edits of Into the Deep.  Yes, I gave M2MC2 a new, footbally name. It's 100% from Cam's POV, and he is a big sweetheart. :)

Floating on a cloud of awesomeness,

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