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July 19, 2012

The verdict... (or, brought to you by the word "yay!")

Hesitatingly dips a toe into those "author" waters...

So, my story's been around for about a week, appears that it does not universally suck! Yay!

When I wrote it and submitted it, I was, in my mind, covering my eyes with one hand while thrusting my other arm out to turn in the completed story. Maybe I was peeking a little, too.

Basically, I had no idea what to expect. It could have been an unmitigated disaster...or not.

I think I might lean on the side of "not" at this point. Yay!

At the very least, there are people who like it enough to ask what happens next. Yay! So, yeah, I'm now writing that part. People care enough about Brad and Cam to want to know! That's awesome! *insert fist pump* Right on!

(To be fair, there were also some people who didn't care so much about them, but I'm not going into that right now because it's likely to dampen my "yay, it doesn't universally suck!" high. I'll save that for another post...or not.)

ANYWAY, the working-titled Man-to-Man Coverage: Revisited (such a creative title, I know) is now a WIP. I had fun writing a nice little sexytimes scene already, too. *evil grin and evil hand rub* Um, not of the usual m/m hand rub variety, I mean...  I'm about 3400 words into it right now, which is speed racer pace for my typically sloooooooooow writing. Let's just say that, in the normal scheme of things, plants would grow faster than I could eke out 1000 words. M2MC (that's Man-to-Man Coverage - yes, I am strangely fond of acronyms and called it this throughout the writing process) really came down to the wire, and that gave me a month and a half to finish what ended up being a 16K word story. Like whoa.

Separately, I still haven't heard anything about my diver story. I that a good thing? To recap, I submitted my Into the Deep story last week for consideration for an Olympics-themed m/m anthology. I've been trying not to be neurotic, but um...I haven't heard anything, and I have no idea what that means. Eeks!

So, yeah, crossing my fingers and toes while also trying to write M2MC2 (yay, acronyms!) is kind of impossible, so I'm just going to let my little diver and bartender ride off into the sunset (but hope I hear back soon either way!) while focusing on my footballers, who actually have people who care about them already.

Yay, footballers! Yay, cock! (Long story, but that was kind of a battle cry while writing these m/m stories...) Yay, reading! Yay, Goodreads M/M Romance group readers who are super awesome and supportive!

Happily typing away about footballers,

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