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February 8, 2013

Love Actually Is All Around

Besides being a line from one of my favorite holiday/wintertime movies, everyday life really brought new meaning to that phrase recently.

My life right now basically revolves around studying for the bar exam. I've been walking to the library to study, which has really helped when I feel like my focus is flagging. As I was sitting down in Bryant Park for a quick sandwich lunch the other day, I noticed that there were brass placards on some of the seat backs of the cafe chairs scattered around the park.

And this one at my table really made me take a step back and think about how the world is full of love stories that have never been told.

I don't think I need to explain why this simple message got me a little choked up. I finished up my sandwich, and, after a moment, it was with a small smile that I packed up my sandwich wrapper and slowly walked towards the library's entrance. And I couldn't help but think about that message even as I was settling into my spot in the reading room with my massive bar review book opened and waiting for me to dig into it.

So, yeah, even while I spend hours on end sitting at the giant library tables and learning about the Statute of Frauds, apportionment of community property, and fee simples with conditions subsequent, it's actually rather comforting to know that the big wide world is still out there and filled with everyday love stories.

Perspective. It helps.

Wondering about your love story...and his...and theirs...and hers,

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