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February 17, 2013

The Moment of Truth

Hey, folks! Just a type-by posting to mention I'll be out in the wilderness of San Francisco for the next 2+ weeks. Yes, the same wilderness of the holidays, when I didn't have internet access. I scheduled a post for next week, though, that I (a) hope works and (b) think you might find verrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting. So keep an eye out for that on Wednesday, 2/27!

Anyway, the moment of truth. *deep breath* Whew! Yeah, it's here. And yeah, I'll be taking the bar exam very very soon. After six years of practicing, you'd think I would be a pro at legal eagle stuff, but oh my stars! There are so many rules and guidelines and practices that I just never touched in my daily professional life.  I've been studying a lot these last couple of weeks, so let's hope that works.

Wish me luck!

Signing off...for a while,

P.S. I'll be seeing Nico the feline tomorrow, which seems like a pretty fan-damn-tastic birthday present, if I do say so myself. :)

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