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July 30, 2013

Giving It Away for Free

Or, where I ask for HAAAAALP from you all. :D

Soooo, I've added BTW I Love You to Amazon and Smashwords. This is just a super quickie post to ask that you guys help me get the Amazon one price-matched to perma-free.

The Smashwords edition is already free, but because you need a minimum price on Amazon, the Amazon edition is currently 99 cents. Please help me ask Amazon to make BTW I Love You a freebie, too! Note that, in the interim, I plan on donating any proceeds from the Amazon sales to the Human Rights Campaign.

BTW I Love You on Amazon
BTW I Love You on Smashwords

To request the price match, go to the Amazon page, then under Product Details click on "tell us about a lower price." Once the window appears, enter the Smashwords link - - and indicate that the price is zero.

Thank you so much for the helping hand, folks!

Oh oh! And don't forget to check out Dreamspinner Press's Cuddling anthology when it comes out August 12th! :) You can even pre-order it here.

Wheeeeeee! Hooray - BTW is  freeeeee! <3

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