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July 1, 2013

SF Pride 2013 & Summer Miscellany

Hello, everyone! Here's an update post to let y'all know that I have officially arrived in San Francisco (in one piece! without any (major) incidents on the road! ...more on this later...). Yesterday I attended the SF Pride festivities, and they were awesome.

The mood was definitely celebratory what with the Supreme Court's rulings earlier in the week. I saw at least eight completely nekkid dudes (without even looking for 'em), a pair of boobs, a bajillion cute boys in Speedos and undies, fantastic costumes and tutus, and, all in all, it made me so glad to be home. San Francisco truly is a place where it's a-okay to let your freak flag fly. :) And I embrace that freedom!

It's been a hectic week or so since I arrived in SF, so unfortunately I haven't had a chance to read the SCOTUS opinions in the Prop. 8 and DOMA cases. However, I will say that, based on the coverage, I'd be curious to hear the SCOTUS arguments and opinions on the Prop. 8 case if they had ruled on the merits (and not a procedural element). Serious stuff aside, though, it was still a success, and the fact that the Court refused to stay the marriages again is hopefully a sign that the tenor of the Court is perhaps more in tune with my feelings than I had thought.

Separately, I hope you all are having a fantastic summer!

My summer started out awesomely with my little cross-country adventure. In case you missed it, I moved from New York back to my hometown of San Francisco, and I drove cross-country in June. The (minor) mishap I mentioned earlier occurred in the beautiful state of Utah. After making it through Chicago, Iowa, Mount Rushmore, and the Rocky Mountains without incident, my brother and I were in Moab, Utah, to visit Arches National Park (totally totally awesome - sooo recommended!). I kind of sort of left the gas cap on the roof of the car. And um...I didn't remember it was there until I saw it bouncing off the back as I watched it get run over by a giant truck through the rearview mirror.


Yup. Awesome. Luckily, there was an auto parts store that (a) was open on a Saturday and (b) had a replacement gas cap for a 1994 Volvo (loaner car - worked out beautifully!). Otherwise, the trip was really cool, and I saw some amazing things in this great land of ours. From the top down, here's Arches National Park in Utah, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado (moose sighting!), and Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

In WIP news, I haven't really been working on my workplace WIP (with my lovely boys R and Q....and their hate sex on the printer machine, heh heh).  Life's just been a little too hectic, and I can't seem to focus on them. However, I do have a story coming out soon! Keep your eyes peeled for "Dream Lover" in Dreamspinner Press's August Cuddling anthology.

Also, thank you to everyone for the kind words on my latest story, the freebie BTW I Love You (available to download here). I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it - I had a lot of fun with Aidan and Jake.

I hope you all enjoy your summer! I'll be spending mine getting reacquainted with the City by the Bay, including trips to museums (already went to the Academy of Sciences last week - very nifty!), a New Kids on the Block concert next week, volunteer work, and fun local things like SF Pride that really make this city the unique place that it is. And if you're in the SF Bay Area, drop me a line - I love connecting with new people! :)


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