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June 6, 2014

Lesson Learned

Recently I started writing what I thought would be a flash fic fun sort of exercise--a historical Regency-set secret lovers sort of story--using the new no-outline approach that I took with my werewolf story. Little did I know that my tiny flash fic would turn into a 6000+ word short story. O__O Like the werewolf story (tentatively titled "He's Just Knot That Into You" *grins*), this shortie just kept going and going...and going. Who am I to argue with what the guys have to say? :)

While my werewolf goes through various beta stages, I thought I'd share a small piece of Christopher and Jack's story. Here's a glimpse (very rough and unedited!), and keep an eye out for more news on this one as I figure out what the heck to do with it. ^__^

When Christopher returned to the bedchamber at the time the clock ticked its way past midnight, Jack was waiting for him. As was their routine, they locked the doors to bar any unwanted nightly visitors, such a practice explained to the household as a way to deter Christopher's childhood habit of sleepwalking.
Little did they know he'd outgrown such an inclination years ago.
"A pleasant evening," Christopher said mildly over his shoulder as Jack assisted him out of his well-fitted navy coat.
"Was it?" Jack murmured in response. Setting aside the garment onto the clothes valet, he turned to face Christopher's back and skimmed his hands over his shoulders. His palms, forever callused from years of campaigning, nevertheless picked up the texture of the silver-embroidered brocade waistcoat. Those shoulders were broad, carrying with them the weight of responsibility—for their regiment, for their secret, for their future—well beyond Christopher's twenty-three years.
Lost in his thoughts, Jack startled when Christopher turned around to grasp his wrist gently. He looked up into Christopher's familiar gaze and sighed, his heart settling into place even as his pulse began to race at the sight of the heat in those blue depths.
"It would have been much more pleasant with your company, Jack," Christopher said, his voice warm and low. 
Swallowing thickly, Jack smiled up into that precious face. He listened and heard the sounds of the house going to sleep around them.
This was their time—the time between days when they could be lost in their world.
"You know 'tis impossible, Christopher," Jack whispered regretfully, searching his gaze. He moved to clasp his hand, drawing Christopher's palm to his neck and curling it against the skin there. "But our time is now, and my company is yours. Yours always."
 From A Time for Loving

Hope you liked the little peek into Christopher and Jack's lives!

In the meanwhile, I have to ask: are you a member of the M/M Romance Group?? You can read more about the MMRG here at and join the group on Goodreads at I only ask because the group has a fabulous writing event that kicked off last week!

Love's Landscapes is a very cool writing and reading event featuring free m/m romance stories every day throughout the summer. My upcoming freebie, Punch-Drunk Love, will be coming out soon, and the MMRG is the only place where you can read it first! Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the downloads to be available on their website. :) If you're not a member, then think about it! Highly recommended if you're an m/m romance fan.

Hope you're all doing well, and happy reading!



  1. I love this snippet Nico. Also cannot wait for Punch Drunk Love! (Or the weredy wolf story...loving the potential title!)

    1. Thanks, Lorix! You'll see more than just this snippet soon...I guarantee! ;)

  2. *swoon* Jack and Christopher are amazing already! I can't wait to read their story.

    YAY for the event and Punch-Drunk Love!

    1. Excited for the event and looking forward to checking out all of the stories! I heard there're some GREAT ones by some m/m authors new to the scene. ;)

  3. NJ, books always have a life of their own, I often struggle with pieces turning into books once they take flight. I like the easy way we're introduced to Christopher and Jack. Thanks for the event mention, I'm a m/m author myself and I'd love to take a look.

    1. Jamie, books can just do that, right? It's the best feeling when the characters just won't stop talking to you or letting you get inside their heads. :) Definitely check out the event - it's a good one!