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March 3, 2015

Yay! It's gettin' hot in here!

The heat is on, folks! It's been a while since I've updated, but now I finally feel like I have some juicy stuff on which to update y'all. Yayzerbeams!

Here's the scoop:

1) YES. It seemed only appropo to have a Game of Thrones meme GoT-loving, cat-obsessing, dusty textbook-reading medieval history professor (and his hottie fireman neighbor) found a home! I'm thrilled to announce that I just signed a contract for Where There's Smoke to be a part of Dreamspinner Press's upcoming Daily Dose in June. The story will be part of the Never Too Late package, and it'll also be available as a standalone novella. *wiggles* I'm SUPER psyched, guys! David is one of my favorite characters, and he's suuuuuch a dork. But he has absolutely no problems with his dorkiness. :)

2) My werewolf story has a cover! And a release date! And it's coming out sooooooon! Check out this gorgeous cover by Anna Sikorska. She was so incredibly patient and insightful throughout the entire process, and I'm so pleased with the colorful and quirky results.

He's Just Knot That Into You is totally just two weeks away (March 18th!), and I'm super excited for you all to meet Tanner and Jon. It's available for pre-order right now, in case you want to ensure it lands on your ereader ASAP. :) Check it out on the Dreamspinner Press site here.

3) As for what I'm working on now, I just picked up a prompt in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's annual Don't Read in the Closet event. I'm excited to try my hand at college boys and a little playful and teasing punishment. ;) Wanna know more? Check out the thread for the prompt here and, if you're so inclined, consider picking up a prompt of your own! I think there are a handful still available here, and the event is a great place to dip your toe into the writing waters. It's actually how I got started writing m/m back in 2012. (Note: You have to be a member of the group, but membership will be approved as long as you're 18 or over.)

4) Finally, for my last scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, I managed to snag a supporting author spot at Gay Rom Lit! I'll be there in October with my buddy J.H. Knight. Possibly hiding behind her, but that still counts as being there, right? ;) Anyway, I'm nervcited about the event, but mostly excited. Are you guys going? I hope to meet some of you there!

That was one huge sundae of a scoop for updates from me. Tomorrow I begin my trip to Asia (by way of a visit with my friend in Pennsylvania), though, and I just couldn't hold off on the flailing much longer.

Hugs and flails,
Nico ♥

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