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April 27, 2015

I have a cover for my freebie story, "The Frat Brat."

Um....see the title of this post. :D It's a cover, and it's scandalous!

I can't really go wrong with a shirtless dude, right? The Frat Brat is my freebie story that's coming out this summer through the Don't Read in the Closet event on Goodreads. Once it's available, I'll be posting information on where to read it, plus (eventually!) I'll make it available on Amazon and the other usual suspects.

Here's the cover:

So....shirtless dude FTW, right?? The Frat Brat is a short story full of innuendo, teasing, and uhhh...porny stuff. As a sneak peek, here's a look at the tags I sent the event organizers. Literally, this is how the story will be presented:
Tags: college, fraternity, gay for you, first time, secret crush, Asian, teasing, blindfold, porntastic, fluff
Wahoo! Basically, porntastic and fluff mean this story is pure smuff! Per my usual, y'know. ;)

Also coming soon is the cover for my short novella Where There's Smoke, which will be available from Dreamspinner Press in June! The story will feature a medieval studies professor and his fireman they get to be verrrrry friendly and neighborly with each other.

Otherwise, not much going on in my neck of the woods. I have an idea percolating for a yeti shifter (probably a holiday-themed story!), but what I really need to do is get focused on my HJKTIY sequel. But if the yeti shifter just won't stop yeti-ing into my ear, I just might have to take his hand and let him lead me into those woods.

Hope you're all doing well and reading lots of fun stuff!


  1. Loved HJKTIY and a sequel sounds great, but a yeti shifter sounds fun too!

    1. Thanks, Susan!! *squishes* :D I have two follow-up stories for HJKTIY planned....if I could just kick my writer's block. Eeps! :)