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May 31, 2015

"Where There's Smoke" is HERE!

Dreamspinner Press's 2015 Daily Dose "Never Too Late" package is LIVE. I'm thrilled to report that my contribution to the package, Where There's Smoke is now available for purchase on Dreamspinner Press's site. Woop woop!

You said you wanted a kit-kat to play a starring role? You said you wanted a dorky medieval studies professor? You said you wanted a hottie good Samaritan firefighter? You said you wanted them to be neighbors?


Where There's Smoke is a novella-length story featuring all that and more! It's chock full of good feels, good folks, and good sexytimes (if I do say so myself). ;)

This story has smuff galore, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

If you've already signed up and bought the Daily Dose package, then this story will magically appear for your reading pleasure some time in June! If you haven't, though, and you'd like to read all about Professor Waterman as he tries to tell himself he doesn't need a man in his life--namely, Mr. Zach Ford, neighborhood hero, then grab the ebook as an individual title. =)

You can pick up your copy of Where There's Smoke at Dreamspinner Press's website here:

I also have a bit of personal news to relate!

See that kit-kat cover?

Well, here's a kit-kat of my own!

This is Rudy Diego, whom I adopted earlier this month. He is pawesome. :D His name is Rudy (short for Rodolfo) because he looked like a Rudy.... His middle name is Diego because he was an intrepid explorer when I brought him home from the shelter. Diego is Dora the Explorer's friend, for those of you wondering. He also has a lucky toe (like Nemo's lucky fin) if you look closely at the paw on the lefthand side. One pink toe in a sea of dark paw pads!

A week from today, it'll be a year since Nico-kitteh passed away of cancer. Honestly, going through Nico-kitteh's illness and death broke my heart, and it's taken me a while to recover. Finally, though, I'm ready for another kitty in my life, and Rudy is a sweetie who captured my heart when I visited the shelter.

Anyway, kit-kat news galore! :)

I hope you all are doing fabulously well and that your own kit-kats or other furbabies are enjoying the spring. Happy June, folks!

Nico ♥

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